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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

Pink Rainbow
Winter Light
Kentucky Burley
Biloxi Blue


Coming home from a long day's shoot, I saw a pink rainbow, rising from a golden soybean field, ready for harvest. It was something I had never seen before and something I would never see again.

A winter ice storm coated the trees and ground. The world shimmered in the early morning sun.

"That tobacco image is evil," commented a viewer. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis sent me out to make photographs of crops grown in its region, including tobacco in Kentucky. A storm was brewing near Paducah, where I found a field of young tobacco plants.

Early morning in Biloxi, I drove along the beach and came upon a fishing pier, reaching out into the Gulf of Mexico. A horseshoe-shaped cloud framed the pier. Perfect, I twittered.