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Quinta Scott, Fine Art Photographs

Peck Ranch Conservation Area

Stegall Mt. Igneous Glade
Stegall Mt. Oak/Pine Forest
Bare Rock Glade
Spring and Forest

When I first saw at Peck Ranch on a map, it looked like a big, scary place. Not.

Peck straddles the geological column between volcanic-igneous-rocks and early Cambrian, sedimentary rocks

An oak forest, fronted with grass, wraps around an igneous glade near the top of Stegall Mountain.

Near its base an oak/pine forest takes root in sandy soil, derived from the Roubidoux Formation.

The Gasconade Formation supports Bare Rock Glade and an Oak/Pine forest at its crown.

Way down in the southern reaches of Peck a spring emerges at the base of a forested hill. It has no name.