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Quinta Scott, Fine Art Photographs-Order

Quinta Scott
630 Hamacher Street
Waterloo, Illinois 62298


All prints are numbered and signed in editions of 100.

A single 16 x 20 print works well in a typical office.

A set of four related 16 x 20s would work well on the wall of a large room, a waiting
room or conference room.

A set of four 8 x 10 prints night be displayed on a short hall or in an office."

Prints are made on Epson Papers with Epson Inks and can be expected to last 70 years
if framed under UV-filtering glass or plexiglass.

16 x 20 prints, which come from scanned negatives, or 13 x 19 prints, which come from
digital negatives, are $800 each.

8 x 10 prints from negatives, or 7 x 10 prints from digital negatives are $250 each.

Call for prices on larger sizes: 314-367-0825 or qs@alongroute66photos.com

Shipping and handling are additional.