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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

Michigan Dunes
Dune at Sunrise
Dune, Clouds, and Sun
Dune at Sunset
Mouth of the Sable River


When I go to a new place, I assign myself a project. It limits me and makes the images better.

On successive summer trips to Ludington, Michigan, I got to know the dunes that line Lake Michigan and those in the back country of Ludington State Park.

Early morning sun rose over the dune in the back country, put the people tracks on its downslope in shadow, and highlighted grasses on top of a second dune.

The sky filled with great cloud formations, which barely covered the sun.

In the evening the setting sun made magic between a dune and the sky.

The Sable River cut through the dunes in the park, laid down a spit of sand, and eroded an opening before dumping into Lake Michigan. A girl in red trekked out to the spit that bracketed its mouth on a very calm morning under a very clear sky.