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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

The Ridge
Missouri Ozarks
Haden Bald
Peabody River King Refuge


I am a fall-guy for fog.

When I wake up, open the curtains, and see fog, I grab a camera and go. When I am working in the field, fog is a gift. Generally, fog rises in late summer or early fall when the air cools over warm earth.

Sometimes it clings to a hollow while clouds streaks a clear sky as it did one early morning at the Ridge.

Or it rises between mountains as it did in the Missouri's Ozarks.

Or it lifts, leaving behind its remnants as it did one August morning at Haden Bald in the Ozarks.

At the Peabody River King Refuge fog turns the sky dead grey, but brings out the color of the dead grasses in late fall.