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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

Desert Fix
Absaroka Volcanic Field
North Fork Shoshone River
Missouri Headwaters-Madison River
Salt Lake-Newfoundland Evaporation Basin


Long ago my husband came up with the term: Desert Fix. As Midwesterners, it describes his love for the arid landscapes that come in so many varieties. However, rivers do flow through deserts.

On my last trip to Yellowstone National Park I fell in love with the Wapiti Formation, reddish brown rocks that mark the road between Cody, Wyoming and the eastern entrance to the park.

The rocks provided with a backdrop for the jagged rocks of the Absaroka Volcanic Field.

Wind carved the Holy City into a ridge in the formation above the North Fork of the Shoshone River.

The Madison River in the Missouri Headwaters in Montana meanders through a desert below a ridge of rocks.

And who cannot help but venture out onto the flats of the Newfoundland Evaporation Basin at the western end of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.