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Quinta Scott

Fine Art Photographs

As I began to get my feet wet on my Missississippi project, a friend introduced me to John M. Barry at a Mississippi River conference, where he was speaking on and signing his book, Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Without looking up from the book he was signing, he said, "Quinta Scott is a very good photographer." He had used The Eads Bridge in his research.

Fifteen years later my publisher asked Mr. Barry to write a blurb for The Mississippi. He wrote:

"As with every book I've seen in which Quinta Scott is involved, The Mississippi combines in-depth, technically accurate, and revealing description of its subject with magnificent photographs that take you deeper into the subject than any text."

Upper Mississippi Gorge Yellowstone Gorge Columbia River Gorge
Mojave Dusk Palo Duro Canyon Desert Fix
The Wide Missouri Mississippi Flyway Silver Mines
Missouri Glades Caney Mountain Balds Missouri Ozark Springs
Potpourri Red Sky in the Morning

Michigan Dunes



"There is more to Scott's imagery than meets the eye at a casual glance. Her photographs are subtle yet skillfull, and of lasting impression." Kinney Littlefield, St. Louis Post-Dispatch